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Thailand Ponzi Scheme Unveiled

Thailand Ponzi Scheme Unveiled

Ms. Natthakarn, 31, and seven other unidentified people were the only ones identified as the suspected scheme masterminds. They were charged with conspiracy to defraud the public by introducing false information into computer systems based on a warrant issued by a Thai criminal court.
Natthakarn and associates are accused of using social media to deceive a large number of victims into participating in a Ponzi scheme in 2020 by showing off their opulent lifestyles, complete with sports vehicles, houses, and large sums of money.

After numerous victims fell for the purported scam, they went to their local police stations to apprehend the culprits, who were thought to be worth over 17 million baht.

Natthakarn and his associates, however, allegedly refuted the accusations and were led to investigation officers for more legal action.


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