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Man tries to rob ex-boxer and loses his teeth

A motorcycle taxi rider made a bad mistake when he decided to rob a man carting around vegetables on another bike with a sidecar.

His victim turned out to be a former boxer who turned the tables on the thief and knocked out three of his teeth.

The thief was given a right pounding by the boxer turned som tam seller.

The thief called Preecha, aged 52, had driven up behind Nantha Chujanthong and told him that some of his vegetables had fallen on the road.

It was just a ruse.

As Nantha went to retrieve the fallen items he was whacked from behind with a spanner on the right side of the cheek.

But he soon turned the tables and utilizing his Muay Thai skills training got the upper hand and with the help of locals got the man in custody.

Nantha now runs a som tam (papaya salad) business in Nakorn Sri Thammarat in Thailand’s south.

The story was widely shared and featured on Thai national television.




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