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Thailand maybe going to follow in the footpath of Korea

Thailand pattaya one Feb 28 2024

Following our recent discussion on the challenges faced by Thai nationals abroad due to stringent immigration checks, a wave of reactions has brought to light a concerning sentiment. It raises the question of whether Thailand should take a page from South Korea and adopt a more discerning approach towards individuals engaging in visa fraud, draft avoidance, racism, and misogyny.

While the previous statement may have been slightly exaggerated, the feedback received underscores the viewpoint that Thailand should not tolerate disrespect towards the nation and its people under the guise of hospitality.

The disparaging remarks made by certain expatriates go against the core values of mutual respect and understanding that Thai society upholds. This trend reveals not just individual lapses in judgment but a systemic problem where certain expats exploit Thailand’s welcoming environment while harboring disdain for its citizens.

It is evident that the discourse on immigration and the expat community needs to progress towards selecting a more desirable group of tourists and residents for the country. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the admission of individuals who solely come to Thailand to teach English, reside in specific entertainment districts, and exhibit behaviors that contradict the values of the society they now inhabit.

There is a call for the implementation of more thorough vetting processes akin to the scrutiny Thai citizens face when entering foreign countries. This proposal is not rooted in xenophobia or unfairly generalizing an entire community based on the actions of a few; instead, it emphasizes the importance of preserving the dignity that every Thai citizen is entitled to.

Existing laws and regulations governing the behavior of foreigners in Thailand should be enforced with increased vigilance. Individuals found to engage in unlawful activities, exploit societal vulnerabilities, or consistently demonstrate racist and disrespectful tendencies should undergo review and potentially face deportation.


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