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Statue pierced man’s chest after rampage

statue pattaya one Feb 28 2024

In Chon Buri province, a Thai man who attacked a monk at a temple tragically met his demise after being impaled by the sharp head of a Buddha statue during a chaotic incident at the temple’s main hall. The swift turn of events led locals to perceive the man’s death as a manifestation of karma.

Reportedly, residents in Banbung district reached out to the officers at Banbung Police Station around 1 pm on February 27 concerning a 49-year-old Thai man named Ek, who had gone on a violent spree at the temple, targeting a monk named Best.

Accounts from locals revealed that Ek, under the influence of methamphetamine (Yaba), was acquainted with Best and had been residing at the temple for a few days before the incident unfolded.

Upon arrival at the temple, law enforcement officials found Ek barricaded in the main hall, where he had vandalized Buddha statues. Concerned that Ek might be armed, police opted to cautiously approach the situation by urging Ek to surrender. However, their attempts were met with silence, prompting them to forcibly enter the hall.

To their dismay, they discovered Ek lifeless, with a Buddha statue lying on his chest and the pointed head of the statue piercing his chest. A video recording captured the chaotic scene, depicting police and locals reacting with shock and disbelief.

Police speculated that Ek, in an attempt to vandalize the largest Buddha statue, inadvertently slipped and landed on the sharp head of a smaller statue, resulting in a fatal injury to his heart and lungs.

The monk Best, who had also consumed Yaba with Ek, admitted to the authorities that he was complicit in the drug use and acknowledged his wrongdoing. Best shared that Ek, in an altered state due to the drug, had assaulted him before proceeding to damage the temple’s statues. In response, Best left the monkhood to address his involvement in the situation.


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