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Thailand island to FINE tourists for carrying this common

Thailand island to FINE tourists for carrying this common

TOURISTS heading to the popular Thailand island of Koh Samet will need to remove a particular item from their suitcases or they could face new fines.

Tourists heading to the The island of Koh Samet will no longer be able to take plastic bags with them onto the island.

From 1 November, people entering the island will not be allowed to carry any bags of that nature.

People who live on the island have been given tote bags to use instead. Styrofoam containers are also banned.

Anyone breaking the new rules will face fines, although tourists are unlikely to be penalised while it is rolled out.

Koh Samet National Park Facebook page said: “Starting on Nov 1, Koh Samet will discourage the use of plastic bags on the island.”

Chief of the park Prayoon Pongpan confirmed: “Tomorrow we will organize an event calling for people to stop using styrofoam and plastic bags.

“We want to announce that Koh Samet will no longer be using plastic bags.”

On average, 1,500 tourists visit the island per day, who use approximately eight plastic bags each during their stay.

This results in 12,000 bags a day being left on the island, causing environmental issues for wildlife.

Thailand ban: Plastic bags banned
Thailand ban: Plastic bags and styrofoam containers are to be banned from 1 November (Image: Getty)

A first warning for those who break it will be given, yet continued flouncing of the rules could result in fines of up to 1,500 baht (£35).

Koh Samet is located on the south east of Thailand and is a much quieter holiday choice for people wanting to avoid the more touristy islands.

Many of the islands in Thailand are struggling due to mass tourism and waste that is being left behind.

Koh Samui is currently working to ban all plastic straws on the island to protect the eco-system, as well as campaigning for recycling facilities.

Thailand is hoping to ban all foreign waste across the country from 2021, as South East Asia struggles under the weight of the waste being shipped from overseas.

Thailand ban: Plastic bags banned
Thailand ban: Tourists entering the island will have to use tote bags or face new fines (Image: Getty)

Maya Bay, famous from the 2000 film The Beach, closed during the summer to help the reefs repair following damage by boats and water sports.

It is to remain closed indefinitely to help the island to heal before inviting tourists back once more.

Tourists are also not allowed to stay overnight on the Similan islands, a popular excursion from Phuket as over-tourism plagues the idyllic beaches.

Only 3,324 visitors will be allowed per day, starting in 2019, with boats larger than 100 passengers banned.

It currently welcomes over 5,000 a day which has seen the local ecosystem suffer from damaged marine life.

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