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Thailand introduces mass mosquito KILLER

Thailand introduces mass mosquito KILLER

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has introduced a new mosquito killing device that can eliminate 1 million mosquitoes in four weeks.

The debut of the device – called “LeO-Trap” – is part of the country’s efforts to deal with the worsening dengue fever problem in Thailand’s southern region.

Addressing a press briefing to introduce the device on July 8, Dr Sukhum Khayanapimai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health said that the LeO Trap uses a substance distracted from clams to attract mosquitoes to lay eggs and add larvae to the trap, thus eliminating all the larvae.

The device was successfully piloted in Songkhla province where about 1 million Aedes mosquitoes, which carry dengue fever virus, were killed after the device was placed in 36 households within four weeks.

The trap will be popularised in areas affected by dengue fever before the rainy season comes.

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