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Thailand horrified by foreigner monk’s sexual behavior

Canadian Monk to Be Disrobed for Sexual Relations

Some people in Thailand are horrified by the alleged actions of a western monk who is accused of having sexual relationships with at least two women. 

This is despite the endless revelations that Thai monks are often unmasked as drug addicts, dealers, child abusers and criminals.

But this one is a foreigner and so it is DISGUSTING.

The man who was outed by a social activist and net idol called “Dr Somchai”.

The monk is based in Mae Hong Sorn in Thailand’s far north.

He is said to have had a relationship with a western woman at a resort in Chantaburi in the south east.

A resort owner confirmed he was there dressed in white ‘robes’.

There are also reports that the “Phra Farang” (caucasian monk) allegedly had a relationship with Thai women before dumping them and returning to the temple, reported Daily News.

Sources in Mae Hong Sorn have confirmed to the Thai media that the monk is still there.

The Buddhist Ecclesiastical Council are investigating the allegations

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