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Thailand getting the most out of cannabidiol research

Thai nutraceutical company combines Eastern knowledge with the health benefits of CBD to create a line of wellness products.

Thailand became the first Asian country last year to remove cannabis from its list of prohibited narcotics and allow people to grow the plant at home.

On June 9, 2022, the Thai government withdrew cannabis and hemp plants from its list of prohibited substances, allowing Thais to produce and sell them freely.

Yet, the official government line is that marijuana production and usage are only approved for medical, not recreational, purposes, and only for low-potency marijuana.

Pornchai Padmindra is the CEO and creator of Dr. CBD, a Thai nutraceutical and healthcare firm that has been studying and creating CBD products since 2019. Pornchai is also the president of Thailand’s Cannabis and Kratom Community.

Prior to its classification as a “form of evil,” cannabis was widely utilized as a medicinal herb in Asian countries such as Thailand. Cannabis was first used as a drug in Thailand around 390 years ago, during the reign of King Narai, as indicated by the “King Narai Medical Book.” Cannabis was utilized in a variety of Thai medications, including an appetite stimulant that contained half cannabis and sooksaiyad substance, which was reputed to alleviate insomnia.

Dr. CBD intends to differentiate itself from the Western-dominated cannabidiol market by combining the benefits of CBD and Eastern medicinal therapies. In fact, the CBD business of the company spans the full supply chain, from agriculture to CBD extraction, R&D, and the development of finished consumer products.

Dr. CBD, Nutraceutical & Healthcare Company is Thailand’s only fully integrated CBD company, with over 20 FDA-approved products. It provides a one-stop shop for everything hemp, cannabis, and kratom (premium cannabis oil), offering to aid enhance sleep, relieve pain, and anxiety, as well as excellent information on cannabidiol. CBD has numerous applications, including massage oil, skin care, medical products, vitamins, and pet items.

Many in the medical community have applauded the decision to legalize cannabis use. Nonetheless, recreational marijuana is having an impact on Thai society. There has been a lot of news about overdose or harmful side effects from marijuana use, generating public worry about the cannabis liberalisation policy.

Dr. CBD is Thailand’s leading cannabis and hemp firm. In Thailand, its creativity, skill, and experience range from indoor cultivation and extraction to medicinal grade products. According to the Thai nutraceutical and healthcare company, quality, efficacy, and purity are important, and it believes in constant research to provide premium medical products.

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