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Thai woman who stole dowries from 12 men claims she really loved them

Thai woman who stole dowries from 12 men claims she really loved them

The Thai woman who was recently caught after illegally marrying and stealing the dowries from 12 men is claiming that she really loved them.

The woman who has been accused of marrying a dozen men and fleeing with all the dowries was presented to the public for the first time at a press conference today.

At the Crime Suppression Division, police announced that Jariyaporn Buayai, 32, was involved with several fraud cases, had conned people all over the country out of money, and the investigation had only just begun.

“The marriages are parts of several fraud cases, such as deceiving people into buying plots of land. The suspect did not use any complicated techniques [in tricking the victims], she just kept doing the same thing in different regions,” said Pol. Lt. Gen Thitirat Nonghanpithak, commander of the Central Investigation Bureau.

After the police briefing, it was the time for Jirayaporn to talk to reporters, but the crowd of press members were only allowed a few questions. So here’s the Q&A with Jirayaporn Buayai, the infamous dowry scammer who had a dozen men take her hand in marriage:

Q: Why did you deceive many men. How do you do it?”

A: About duping many men…well, the point is, I really work in the fruit trade business. I dated, married, and had sex with those men for real. I didn’t intend to deceive them for their assets.

Q: Did you really love them?

A: When I dated them, I really loved them.

Q: You loved them, but you took their dowries and then dated many men at the same time? How is that love? What’s your definition of love?

A: [Silence]

Q: Are you guilty?

A: When people say [on the internet] that I’ve duped 30 people, I only married 7 men. The rest would be fraud cases involving my fruit business.

After that, Jirayaporn was taken away by the police.

Her story was brought to public attention this week, when information about how she allegedly married five men in August was widely shared online.

On Wednesday, 12 men who claimed to have married her came forward to the police. Despite being conned out of half a million baht, one victim, who was truly heartbroken, described Jirapaporn as a “charming” woman to reporters.

Police arrested Jirayaporn on the outskirts of Bangkok last night, acting on five old arrest warrants for fraud and embezzlement charges. She has not been charged for marrying men for dowries yet.

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