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Thai woman saved from sex trade

Thai woman saved from sex trade

A woman from Udon Thani was rescued from human traffickers in Myanmar by authorities in Chiang Rai.

Nam, 29, a local resident of Shan state, was tricked into providing sexual services to the staff at a Chinese-run contact center.

A citizen journalist from the Facebook group Ninja Today reported the case to authorities in Chiang Rai and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Thai authorities were able to locate the woman in a Chinese-run contact center in Myanmar because to the National Referral Mechanism, a regional system for sharing information related to human trafficking.

Nam went back to her place of origin on Friday. Reporters were told that in May of this year, she was working at a restaurant in Bangkok when a TikTok user approached her and offered her a job in “customer relations” at a facility in Shan state.

She repeatedly declined the offer until she was offered a daily salary of 900 Chinese yuan (4,300 baht), from which 450 yuan would be deducted to cover her expenditures.

Eventually, with the help of a local smuggler, Nam was convinced to head north to Chiang Rai and cross the border in the Mae Sai district.

Once the woman arrived in Myanmar, she was led to a two-story facility enclosed by barbed wire where she was forced to perform sexual services to the personnel, most of whom were Chinese nationals who had also been tricked into working in the operation.
A six-month contract, written in Chinese, was presented to her for signature. After she originally refused to sign the document, she claims she was assaulted.

The woman claimed she was threatened with being locked in a cell for up to three days without food or water if she did not perform sex activities.

She was saved after making touch with Ninja Today, which alerted the proper authorities.

In an interview with the media, Nam cautioned his fellow Thais against accepting enticing employment offers abroad.

Many human traffickers now use social media and mobile apps to locate potential victims, according to authorities. They warn job-seekers to remain vigilant because retrieving persons who have been moved abroad is a complex and time-consuming operation.

A United Nations investigation from last month revealed that criminal gangs in Southeast Asia are trafficking “hundreds of thousands” of people to work in fraud call centers and other unlawful web businesses.

The research claimed “credible sources” in suggesting that 120,000 persons in Myanmar and roughly 100,000 in Cambodia may be stuck in scam operations, with other criminally controlled businesses in Laos, the Philippines, and Thailand ranging from crypto-fraud to online gambling.

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