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Thai woman assaulted with motorcycle helmet by ex-girlfriend’s new partner

A Thai woman in Pattaya said the new boyfriend of her ex-girlfriend crushed her nose with a motorcycle helmet and nearly blinded her.

A 23-year-old hotel employee named Ms. Phonthip Utta-ma revealed her plight after she was beaten and gravely hurt by an anonymous new partner of her ex-girlfriend. Phonthip sustained a cracked skull, a burst blood artery in his eye, and a broken nose. The incident happened last night, April 7, in the wee hours on Soi Marine Yen Sabai close to Pattaya Walking Street. After the incident, she sought medical attention and reported the assault to the police. She claimed that when searching for her girlfriend while riding her motorcycle, she encountered a startling sight. Her girlfriend and another man were holding hands.

She then rode in their direction and questioned their motives. She then felt her helmet fall off as the man appeared to punch her in the face, sending her to the ground. Phonthip alleged that her girlfriend’s new partner repeatedly struck her in the head before the two eventually left holding hands and paying no attention to her.

The woman suffered a swollen left eye, a shattered cheek bone, and ruptured blood vessels in her eye, according to a doctor. She claimed that she nearly lost an eye and that it physically and emotionally affected her.

Phonthip also disclosed that although she had previously observed that her partner had a new boyfriend, they had never discussed it or encountered any issues before tonight’s meeting. She promised that she will use all available legal means to hold the offender accountable. According to the detectives, the perpetrator is between 165-170 cm in height, wearing a white shirt and long pants. They claimed the culprit brutally attacked the victim while paying no attention to the onlookers, who were foreign visitors.

As of the time of publication, Pattaya Police are actively looking for the suspect.

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