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Thai woman arrested after ordering HIT ON HER OWN MOTHER

Thai woman arrested after ordering HIT ON HER OWNMOTHER

Police in the Khok Khram jurisdiction of Bangkok have announced the arrest of a 25-year-old woman for arranging the murder of her mother. She was named only as “A”.

The case follows the shooting of a 55-year-old woman in Prasert Manukit road on the 22nd of June.

The woman – a team leader of a group of maids at a cleaning company – was on her bicycle when two men shot at her and drove off in a car.

Despite being hit in the chest with a .38 weapon she survived the murder attempt.

Two men who carried out the hit are in custody. They are Prachern or “Joi”, aged 40 and Dao, 35.

“A” said that she paid the men 200,000 baht for the hit.

She wanted her mother’s three life insurance policies – totaling 300,000 baht – and 50 rai of land worth more than ten million baht upcountry.

She knew all the inheritance would go to her. She needed money to bail out her boyfriend who is facing drugs charges in Minburi.

So she decided to have her own mother killed.

Sanook reported that before the shooting the victim had found some red drink in her fridge that smelled strange.

When she tipped it out the ants that came to eat it all died.

“A” has been charged with ordering her mother’s killing and the men have been charged with attempted murder and weapons offences.

Investigations continue.



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