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Thai TV Star Now A Meth Addict

Thai TV Star Now A Meth Addict

These startling pictures show the tragic downfall of a Thai soap star – who is now addicted to meth and living on a rubbish dump.

Tai Manusanan Pandee, 32, was once a household name in Asia having achieved stardom by the time she was 18 years old – featuring in dramas, magazines and commercials in Thailand and China.

But while living the high life, Tai faded from the entertainment industry and became addicted to meth.

Her downward spiral into prostitution and drug addiction worsened over the last decade – leaving her fans mystified by her disappearance.

She was discovered earlier this week and filmed living in a shabby tent on a rubbish dump in Pattaya, eastern Thailand.

The former actress was almost unrecognizable with her skinny body and shaved head, hiding herself from visitors.



She was seen retreating to her drug paraphernalia, surrounded by empty beer bottles and junk filling the tent where she lives.

Tai’s mother, U-sa Chankad, said that her daughter was a good looking girl and had been asked to be in the several movies and music videos when she was younger.

But after earning vast sums from TV shows, she was arrested twice for drug use and robberies. She lost everything and eventually became a beggar on the street.

U-sa said: ”My daughter was once a star. Everybody wanted to know her. But it all went wrong. The party lifestyle ruined her. Now she has nothing.

”My daughter now often walks around the village, asking people for money and food. The best I could do was to collect and sell the plastics bottles for money, but it was not enough.”

The mother broke down in tears as she told how Tai also refused to talk or be touched by anyone, including her, because she had been attacked by youths several times before.

She said: ”The attack made her insecure all the time. I often found her sleeping at the police station as it was the safest place for her. She would cry out loud if I touch any parts of her body.

”I just wanted to hug her again and wanted her to have a normal life back.”

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