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Thai STABS tourist in the neck in Phuket

Thai STABS tourist in the neck in Phuket

A Thai roti seller in Phuket stabbed a tourist in the neck with an Itoh kitchen knife after he said something derogatory in English to his wife.

Pol Capt Somkiat Sarasit of the Chalong constabulary who was first on the scene at the end of Soi Ta-iat Soi 12 last night found Mahmoud Abbas, 30, with a seven-centimeter gash and blood everywhere.

Waiting to be arrested with the stainless steel knife in his hand was Surachai Raksap, 32.

Mr Abbas, an Egyptian, was rushed to Vachira Phuket hospital after receiving first aid at the scene.

Surachai said he had arrived with his wife and children to sell roti outside the convenience store.

Three tourists came and ordered roti. One of them made a rude sexual suggestion in English to his wife.

So he grabbed the knife that was lying about and went for the man’s neck.

His face was a picture of stress, reported Daily News, as he was led away to the cells on a charge of attempted murder.

Exactly what was said in the encounter that led to the attack was not reported



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