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Prostitution moving to “Facebook Live” as Thai schoolgirls find a way to make cash on the side

Prostitution moving to “Facebook Live” as Thai schoolgirls find a way to make cash on the side

Schoolgirls using Facebook Live to show themselves naked and get money from men online for the service.

Thai Rath said there was a recent high profile case where a schoolgirl tried to get 20,000 baht from the highest bidder for a grope of her breasts.

In that case it appeared that there was to be more than just ogling via the internet and the transfer of money for a service.

Thai Rath in their feature said that an increasing number of teens were going online to make money from baring themselves for cash.

They said it was easy money and easy work. They posed the question as to what influences there were in society and on social media that were causing this phenomenon to take root.

Why were teens taking this option and not doing regular jobs?

They quoted a lawyer as saying that the problem was so widespread that many teens might not think it presented a problem.

But Nitithorn Kaewto said it was something that should not be happening and was dangerous.

“It is prostitution and illegal,” he stated, “and it may easily come to be in the realm of human trafficking”.

Penalties for human trafficking are severe in Thailand while prostitution may not even be punished.

The lawyer said that teens may see nothing wrong but it constituted a serious crime and the consequences could be dire.

Experts quoted in the feature said that going on something like Facebook Live really was a modern way for teens to make money with prostitution.

Such activity had happened in the past but not through the internet.

And it was time that the authorities caught up to this new expression of prostitution in Thailand that could be damaging to the teens concerned and make them vulnerable to the actions of unscrupulous people.

Source: Thai Visa

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