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Coach Ake resigning from the Wild Boar football team.

Coach Ake resigning from the Wild Boar football team.

Coach Ake from the Wild Boar football team that got stuck in a cave will be resigning from his position as coach for the team to pursue his dreams. Akepol Jantawong posted a long status on his Facebook page along with a picture of Naruto. On the picture, it states “No one keeps walking in the same place, for better things we must continue our journey when the right time comes.”.

Coach Ake posted on his Facebook status an explanation for why he is resigning from coaching the team. The goal of the post is to give followers of the Wild Boars team an understanding of the reasons that have contributed to his decision to take new steps on his own. He begins with thanking the supporters and the teachers that have always supported him and the team.


He then explains a part that has been slowly developing inside himself which states, “Lately I have not been able to help the football team as much as I used to. I have not created good contributions to the team, but what is worse is that I have given the team a bad name with some wrong actions I have made. I wish to take full responsibility for my actions by resigning from the Wild Boar football team or known as the Moo Pa Academy in Thailand.


Coach Ake wishes that we will understand his decision to continue his journey on a path that he himself had chosen. In the future, he looks forward to working with the Wild Boars again in good circumstances. Many followers and friends have posted positive comments on the post to show the love and support that they have for him.


The coach ends his update by making it official that he is no longer a part of the Boars. He believes that we will understand his reasonings and hopefully we will get to see what he does next.

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