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“Thai Police Robbed us” claim Belgian couple

“Thai Police Robbed us” claim Belgian couple

A young couple from Belgium have gone on viral social media claiming that they were robbed by “Thai Police” whilst holidaying in Bangkok.

Maxime Kempeneer and Noël Borgs, both 28, from Hove, have told local media how their dream trip to Thailand quickly turned into a nightmare following the robbery which is believed to have taken place last Thursday, 10 August.

Maxime told AD how the couple had been backpacking around Thailand and were in Bangkok the day before they were due to fly home.

Details of the whole incident seem somewhat sketchy and it isn’t even clear where the robbery took place.

Maxime said the robbery happened after her and Noel were surrounded by a group of men at a crossroads.

The men then started pulling at the couple and led them away to an unidentified location.

It was here where Maxime says they were thrown into a dark room and surrounded by seven men.

One of the men pulled at a gold chain that Maxime was wearing around her neck, which broke into two.

The men then said that the couple would be thrown in jail unless they paid them 40,000 baht.

The couple explained that they did not have that kind of money and were held in the room for about an hour, only being released after handing over around 100 Euros.

Maxime also said that the men gave back her necklace when she said told them it was not real gold.

Maxime describe the incident as “terrible” and said that they were not robbed by criminals but by men claiming to be Bangkok police.

AD reports that Maxime and Noel have reported to the incident to officials from the Belgian Embassy in Thailand.

However, it is not known why the waited until they had returned home to Belgium to report the incident.

Source: Thai visa

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