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Thai man FAKES KIDNAP and extorts own parents

A Thai couple reported to Udon Thani Police Station that their son’s abduction was fake after he had been reported missing two days earlier.

27-year-old Anucha called his parents on the 3rd September to tell them a group of men had abducted him after failing to repay a loan shark and were demanding 40,000 THB in exchange for his release.

His parents, who live in Sakon Nakhon Province, immediately reported the kidnap to the Udon Thani Police claiming they were ‘extremely worried’ about their son’s safety

The news immediately went public and the son was forced to admit he had made the story up, but still demanded 40,000 THB from his parents.

The father Vichian stated that his son had graduated from university and worked as a teacher in a private school for 6 months.

He quit his job because he wanted to become a singer but it didn’t work out. He needed the 40,000 THB to pay back his friend, not a loan shark.

When his son was studying he would often ask for between five and ten thousand baht to pay for school stationary.

They had hoped he would stop making excuses to ask for money after he finally graduated and got a job for himself.

When the son told them about the abduction they were extremely worried because they didn’t have Bht 40,000 and didn’t know where to find the money.

Vichian only earns Bht 10,000 per month.

Despite his behavior the parents are not angry with their son and hope he comes home soon.





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