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Thai man, 35, stabs wife & her lover after finding them in bed together on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

A Thai married couple started off the new year in the worst way possible — with adultery and violence.

Stabbed his wife and lover for having an affair

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Niphit Rueksamut, 35, found his wife in bed with another man at his rented apartment in Songkhla province’s Hat Yai district.

According to Bangkok Post, in a fit of rage, he grabbed a knife in the room and stabbed them multiple times before running away.

His wife, Naj Chanchuen, 35, sustained severe stab wounds to her arms and below her chin.

Meanwhile, her lover, Voraphong Rongnoo, 33, suffered multiple stab wounds to the right side of his abdomen and chest, as well as his right arm.

They were given first aid by rescue workers before being sent to Hat Yai Hospital.

Wife lied to him to meet another man

Niphit’s wife had lied to him before the incident.

Earlier, she told him that she wanted to visit her family in Ranot district for the New Year holidays, reported Bangkok Post.

But unbeknownst to Niphit, Naj actually went to the apartment in Hat Yai to meet another man.

Niphit has rented the Hat Yai apartment for over a year and he normally goes there two to three times a week.

Initially, he did not suspect anything was amiss, and stayed at another place in the Hat Yai district.

But he became suspicious when Naj did not answer his calls after several attempts to contact her. He then drove to the apartment and discovered the affair.

Arrested and charged with attempted murder

The investigation chief at Hat Yai police station, Pol Lt Col Somkiart Khamsuwan, told Bangkok Post that the police were alerted to the incident at 7:00 am on Tuesday (Dec. 31).

Niphit had fled to Sungai Kolok district of Narathiwat, but by Tuesday afternoon, police officers arrested him at a petrol station.

The police brought him back to Hat Yai for interrogation and he was held in custody for legal action. He was then charged with attempted murder.


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