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17 year old lured into hotel after New Year Countdown

New Year Countdown

17 year old lured into hotel after New Year Countdown

A 17-year-old girl survived a possible dangerous outcome thanks to her intuition that made her decide to call a relative. The girl met a man online and they have been talking on the Line application.

He invited her to come countdown into the New Year with him at Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi Province. The Chonburi Police received a notification of a girl that was lured and molested on a Black Toyota Yaris with a Bangkok license plate.
Officials were given information that the car was on the motorway in Chonburi heading to Bangkok. The traffic police was informed of the car and the checkpoints were ready.

When officials from the police station arrived the victim was found standing in fear. The girl stated that she had been talking to the man online.

She lives in Nakhon Nayok Province but the man lives in Bang Na, Bangkok. He told her that his New Year’s plan was to join the countdown on Bang Saen Beach, she agreed to join.

He drove to Nakhon Nayok to pick her up and promised that they would return home after the countdown.

Then when the time came to return, the man stated that his legs were aching and drove her into a hotel.

He then started molesting the girl attempting to rape her. She fought back and he finally went back to the car.

Then while on the road back to Nakhon Nayok he started molesting her again in the car. The girl asked him to park on the road, she ran out of the car and called the police along with her relatives for help.

Tonatat 27 years old originally from Samut Prakan claims that he lives in Bang Na. He discovered the girl on an online dating app and they started talking.

The girl told him to come to pick her up in Nakhon Nayok. When he arrived he told her that he was only 20 years old. They drove together to Bang Saen Beach and finished the countdown. Then while they were on the way back home his legs started to hurt so he decided to drive into a hotel to rest for a moment.

Tonatat stated that they only hugged on the bed, just like normal girls and boys.

Then he saw the girl chatting on her phone to another man and realized that she wasn’t single. This made him decided to drive her back home.

He didn’t know that she was only 17 years old. The police have invited him to come in for an interview at the police station. The victim’s parents have also been called in along with related officials for the case.



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