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Thai man left in serious condition after being stabbed

Thai man left in serious condition after being stabbed

At around 9:30am on July 28th, police and emergency services received reports of a man in serious condition after being stabbed by one of his so called friends.

Arriving at the scene, it was clear that the victim was in need of emergency medical attention. He had a visible stab wound to his chest and had already lost a lot of blood. His body was shaking and paramedics quickly patched up the wound before rushing his straight to a local hospital where his condition is said to be “serious”.

A few of the victim’s friends were still at the scene and were interviewed by police. They told police that a large group of them had been drinking into the early hours and everything was going well.

Unfortunately, an argument then broke out between the victim, who is yet to be named but thought to be aged around 25, and his girlfriend.

The argument got heated before a friend jumped in to break it up, only to be attacked by the stab victim. The friend was punched and kicked a few times before deciding enough was enough. He pulled out a knife and sunk it straight into the chest of the victim before fleeing the scene.

Police have been unable to get a name of the the suspect from the group of friends, but are confident they will be able to track him down as soon as they interview the victim, once he has recovered from his injury.


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