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Thai immigration say ‘WE NEED TOURIST’S MONEY’

Thai immigration

The Thailand immigration has told his department not to be too strict on tourists and scare them away from returning to Thailand.

He has asked for his men and women to show some humanity.

And he has stated plainly that Thailand needs the tourists’ money.

Lt-Gen Sompong – also known as Big Oud – was on a visit to his team in Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand. He took some life-saving presents including Mama noodles but it was his words that will reverberate around the tourism sector.

His statements seemed to be a softening of the “bad guys out” rhetoric replacing it with a “please come back to Thailand we need you” message.

He told his minions not to be over-zealous.

Follow the government’s directives and abide by the law and due process, but don’t be too strict and scare away the tourists and other foreign visitors, he warned

He pointed out that immigration have a job to do as police but immigration officers should not be a hindrance and should show professionalism with humanity and compassion.

The tourists bring in a lot of money, he noted, and we need it



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