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Thai girls going under the knife for a 3D vagina

Thai girls going under the knife for a 3D vagina

I honestly never thought in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be writing about Thai girls and a 3D vagina, but here we are.

In addition to the popular “V-shape facial surgery,” rhinoplasty, and boob jobs, a new Thai surgery went viral on Facebook last week. The new “3D Vag” service allows patients to have their own fat injected into their mons pubis to achieve a youthful, fuller-looking hoo-ha.

It all started when an employee at Lelux Hospital, in Nonthaburi, posted before and after illustrations of the fat injection, along with a photo of a patient lying on the surgical bed in position for surgery. The post was shared more than 13,000 times since last Tuesday.

“#3DVagina — the surgery to beautify your girl,” said the caption, followed by the hashtags #Injectfatintovagina, #Full, #Thick, and #Plump— just all the words you would want for someone to describe your vagina.

While most netizens are amused by what the world has come to, some ladies are truly interested and inquire about the surgery on the hospital’s Facebook page.

According to the operator at Lelux Hospital, this procedure involves liposuction on the area where patients have excess fat, such their hips or tummies. After that, the surgeon injects the fat into the patient’s mons pubis.

The procedure costs THB50,000 (US$1,500).

Source: Coconuts

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