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Thai arrested after 17 years for murdering a British man in Pattaya

A hospital examination revealed the name of a Thai guy who had been on the run for 17 years after killing a British man in Pattaya, leading to his eventual capture. Three further suspects in the crime were imprisoned, given their sentences, and then freed.

The event happened in 2006 when Stephen Parkinson, a 47-year-old British tourist, was riding a motorcycle close to Pattaya’s Marp Prachan Reservoir when he came upon four Thai guys. Parkinson sped up to flee as soon as he realized the four had malicious intents. The Hull-born Brit was shot in the head by the criminal gang, who also stole 40,000 baht from him before fleeing the scene.

Three of the four suspects were found after the murder and were later charged with crimes. The court initially gave them a death sentence, but it later changed it to life in prison. Over time, all three suspects were freed, leaving just Prasetsak, 39, as the sole survivor.

Prasetsak eluded capture for 17 years before suffering a stroke that left him partially paralyzed. His appearance was reported to the police after he was brought to a hospital for additional treatment, which led to the arrest yesterday. Prasertsak refuted the accusation, saying that he was merely there with his buddies and not a part of the murder. Additionally, Prasertsak’s mother argued on her son’s innocence, claiming that his drug-addicted companions had spoilt him.

Pongpanot Chookaew, Superintendent of Crime Suppression Division 6, claimed…

“The victim in this case is a foreign national. The officers conducted an investigation to quickly apprehend the final suspect because the case was almost over. No matter how long it takes, we want to reassure all victims that every criminal will eventually be apprehended and prosecuted.

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