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Teacher is being investigated for hitting a child

teacher is being investigated for hitting a child

A teacher in the Roi Et province’s Selaphum district is being investigated for allegedly hitting a two-year-old boy with a metal lunch tray, causing many bruises on the young victim.

Images of the child’s injuries and the metal tray were uploaded on Pen Neung’s Facebook page, which brought attention to the event.

After the boy reported the attack to the Facebook group, his father claimed that the boy’s teacher at a nearby school had physically assaulted his son with a metal food tray. Several bruises were found all over the toddler’s body. The Pen Neung team stated they would make an immediate trip to the school and that they were looking into the situation.
Images of a deep-dish metal tray were then uploaded on the Facebook page, implying that this was the object that struck the youngster.
The young boy’s classmates said that the teacher struck him with a food tray! This teacher has to be dismissed if this is the case. You are unfit to teach any longer. We will look into this issue more thoroughly. In our native tongue, “hit” signifies “to strike hard.”

Pen Neung then shared a CCTV footage of the school in which a female teacher was seen abusing a young student. The post revealed that the teacher had only physically abused the boy for failing to put his tray in the designated location. Sanook said that other teachers in the area did not step in to help the youngster or intervene, implying that this kind of behavior was accepted as common.
In a later video, the parents of the child could be seen sobbing as they watched the attack film and then cuddling their distressed youngster.
“You should be a good person before you become a teacher. This child has mental and physical scars from you, in addition to physical ones. His parents are also affected. This kind of person is unfit to educate. We’ll keep putting pressure on this educator to own up to her mistakes.

Another video clip featured the toddler being repeatedly struck with a broom and kicked. Finally, a Facebook page post stated that the instructor had left the region and that the police were getting ready to send out a summons for her to show up at the station on November 13.

credit Sanook

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