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Taxi drivers New rules

Thai taxi, tuk tuk and motorcycle taxi drivers were reminded that the point deduction system introduced to control their behaviour will go into effect from January 1, 2023.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, the Thai Taxi Driver Federation said the point system was to be introduced on December 1 last year but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

A point system has been devised by the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to control the behaviour of public vehicle drivers and promote safety.

“Each public vehicle driver will start with 100 points, which will be deducted every time an offence is committed. Once all points are gone, the driver’s licence will be suspended,” the post said.

Offences that warrant point deduction are as follows:

Category 1 offence: 10 points

• Failure to display ID card

• Use of an unregistered vehicle

• Vehicle does not match registration papers

• Using a personal vehicle to pick up passengers

• Being a nuisance to passengers

Category 2 offence: 20 points

• Not using a fare meter or GPS certified by DLT

• Refusing passengers

• Taking unnecessary detours or using routes not agreed upon by passengers

• Abandoning passengers

• Displaying poor manners, being rude, insulting, sarcastic or aggressive

• Consuming alcohol or intoxicants while driving (less than 50mg per 100ml of blood)

• Using vehicles that have crossed their lifespan

Category 3 offence: 30 points

• Displaying obscene behaviour in the presence of passengers

• Driving recklessly that can cause damage or injury

• Tampering with the fare meter

• Consuming alcohol or intoxicant while driving (more than 50mg per 100ml of blood)

• Using an expired or suspended licence

• Demanding more fare than stipulated.

“Some serious offences will result in all points being deducted immediately, including offences that that affect the country’s image or reputation, driving with no consideration to people’s safety and wellbeing, and causing accidents resulting in multiple injuries or deaths,” the federation warned.

According to DLT rules, licences will be suspended for 90 days once all points are deducted. Two suspensions in three years will see the driver losing their licence for 180 days.

To rebuild their points, all drivers must undergo DLT’s training courses and pass the exam. A two-hour course will win them 50 points, and a four-hour course 100 points.

Drivers can undergo training once a year, and those who fail the exam can retake the test three times in seven days. – The Nation

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