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Which “Einstein” came up with this idea for a new road, ask Netizens

Which “Einstein” came up with this idea for a new road, ask Netizens

Ridiculous pictures of an electric pole standing in the middle a newly-built road in Trat province have confused the public and raised questions, such as “Who the hell thought of this?”

The single-lane road, which was recently built around an old electric pole, is located in Ao Yai, a seaside district in the southern province of Trat.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Thailand build a road around objects, but it is usually done when they really can’t avoid it due to superstitious beliefs, such as the time one village refused to cut an old growth, allegedly haunted tree standing in the middle of the road and just decided to build around it.

But this electric pole is hardly haunted, driving the public to mock and question the authority responsible for the construction.

“Stupid,” a Facebook user commented under the picture.

“Did you lose your brain somewhere?” complained another.

The chief of Ao Yai district, Rangwan Khankhaeng, responded that, in the original blueprint, the road was supposed to be built closer to the pond, which would have avoided the pole.

However, the villagers agreed that the road should not be built so close to the pond, to avoid foreseeable accidents like oil erosion or landslides, so they decided among  themselves and told the company who constructed the road to move the location, reported Thai Rath.


Following the comments on social networks, Trat Provincial Electricity Authority will move the electric pole by the end of this week.

Source: Coconuts

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