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Sunset Vertigo the “reset” button on life

A little over 12 years ago, my friend Dave Buckley asked me to write some articles for his real estate and lifestyle magazines in Thailand.  

He said he thought I had a “way with words” and might make a decent journalist and copywriter.

So, he’s the one who let the monster out.

Bart Walters

This book is for anyone who has ever fantasized about hitting the “reset” button on life and starting over as someone else, living somewhere else. 

Sunset Vertigo is a collection of short stories told by Orlando Braxton, an American expatriate, living in Thailand for more than twenty years.

Through mystery, mischief, heartbreak, and endless adventures, Orlando has lived his best second life on the other side of the planet.

His stories vividly illustrate that ex-pat life can be extraordinary yet humdrum; surprising yet predictable; exciting yet boring as hell.

Orlando is a self-proclaimed “world-class people watcher”, and his insight into some of the most unusual people immersed in some of the most bizarre circumstances make his stories come alive.

Open this book and escape with Orlando Braxton to a world where everyone is someone other than the person they were back home. And be careful. Sunset Vertigo is contagious.

Sunset Vertigo Paperback

by Bart Walters(Author)


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