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Stuntman Jeremy Fry Confirms Everything We’ve Heard About Keanu Reeves Is True

Jeremy Fry

Stuntman Jeremy Fry Confirms Everything We’ve Heard About Keanu Reeves Is True

A stuntman who has doubled for many Hollywood stars over the years has revealed some good news for us.

It turns out that Keanu Reeves is actually the nicest guy in the business. It’s not all an act, which is a relief to hear.

Everything we’ve heard about him is completely true.

In fact, Keanu Reeves is the sort of guy who rents out the iconic Californian motorcycle track at Laguna Seca so that he, his stunt double, and his pals can mess about on motorcycles all day.

That’s according to stunt actor Jeremy Fry, anyway.

Reeves and Fry, which sounds like a UK comedy duo that needs to happen. Credit: Facebook

Fry – who has doubled up for Tom Felton, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper during his career – has the enviable task of standing in for Keanu during many of the dangerous stunts in the John Wick movies.

He told The Metro that he’s developed something of a bond with Reeves over the course of their work together.

Fry explained: “He [Reeves] is a giver, he is selfless, he works tirelessly. Every good thing you’ve heard about him is 110 percent true.”

That ‘giving’ includes privately renting out one of the most revered motorcycle tracks in the world, simply because you get a kick out of talking about motorcycles with someone.

Fry explained: “He goes, ‘Hey, how would you like to go to Laguna Seca?’ and when Keanu Reeves asks you if you wanna go pretty much anywhere, you say yes.

“Turns out he had rented Laguna Seca, which is a very well-known popular racetrack in California, and he rented it for two days, private rental, there were about 80 of his friends and people he knew.

“There were celebrities there, people from different industries there, a huge cross-section of people. He put us up in local hotels, he catered breakfast, lunch, dinners.”

He even let Jeremy bring his brother, which is pretty nice.

As for working on the set, Fry explained that Keanu is happy to perform his own stunts, but also keen to make the right call for everyone.

That means calling in the stunt doubles when necessary, in order to make use of their expertise.

Fry added: “There was a shot where we wanted Keanu to slide up the camera and we wanted to… have the camera come right up to him.

“And we worked with him for a while on that one, and it’s a tricky one [but] he nailed it. He did such a good job on that.

“It’s always interesting to me when actors want to do their own stunts… when you have people who you can use and you won’t know that it’s not them.

“But Keanu, he completely gets that. He has never said, ‘I want to do that. I want to do it.’ He trusts Darren and [director Chad Stahelski] to make the best decision that they can and he knows that they will use him whenever they feel it’s appropriate and safe.”

What a guy.

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