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Struggling mum-of-eight with no money forced to cook stones for starving kids

starving kids

Widow Peninah Bahati Kitsao, from Kenya, has been left penniless due to the coronavirus pandemic and cooks her children stones hoping they fall asleep waiting for food

A widowed mum-of-eight was left so poor because of the coronavirus crisis that she was forced to cook stones for her kids in the hope they would fall asleep before their ‘meal’ was ready.

Peninah Bahati Kitsao from Kenya used to wash laundry locally to make ends meet but since the lockdown she has been left penniless and unable to buy food.

Her concerned neighbour Prisca Momanyi told Kenya’s NTV about her struggle after she heard her children crying because they were hungry.

Peninah, who lives in a two-bedroomed house without running water or electricity, lost her husband last year after he was killed by a gang.

She told NTV that her ruse was uncovered quickly by her children.

She said: “They started telling me that they knew I was lying to them, but I could do nothing because I had nothing.”

After the news station highlighted her heartbreaking plight donations have since poured in to help Peninah and her family.

Money has been sent to her via mobile phone and through a bank account that was opened for her by Prisca as Peninah is unable to read or write.

Peninah told Tuko news website: “I didn’t believe that Kenyans can be so loving after I received phone calls from all over the country asking how they might be of help.”

The Kenyan government has launched a feeding programme to help the most vulnerable from the coronavirus pandemic but it had not reached Peninah

There have been 490 coronavirus cases and 24 deaths in Kenya.

Since March 25, all international flights to and from Kenya have been suspended by the government. Cargo flights are excepted, but crew must observe strict guidelines.

Anyone who entered Kenya between March 22 and March 25 was quarantined for 14 days at a government designated facility which they would be charged for.

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