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Stop Test & Go to quarantine all people entering Thailand

On December 20, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health gave an interview through the program “In depth throughout Thailand, Inside Thailand” about the way to deal with covid O Micron that he has given the policy to the executives of the Ministry of Public Health

There would be a need to return to use State Quarantine or detention of travelers, both Thais and foreigners entering the country.

 Initially, the Ministry of Public Health will propose to the Prof. to cancel Test & Go (T&G) travel and switch to state quarantine instead, which will be discussed soon. 

Due to the situation of Omicron more severe And many countries have canceled the New Year’s countdown festival. 

As of now, Thailand has found 63 Omicron cases and 20 are pending confirmation of the results.

Mr. Anutin further said that among the number of Omicron infections, 1 person has the opportunity to be the first to be infected with Omicron in Thailand. because her husband is a pilot but his wife was infected who have not traveled abroad Currently, further investigations into the disease are underway. to confirm such assumptions

The reporter asked Will there be other levels of prevention as well? Mr. Anutin said that the control of the disease has been decentralized to the local / provincial area. It depends on the policy of each area. like Bangkok may have to consider organizing activities during the festival If you see that there is a risk of spreading infection

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