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Spot Feature, New Footage of King Kong Being Captured {video}

Another new Godzilla vs. Kong TV spot appears with some new footage for the latest MonsterVerse entry, including a scene with the giant ape captured.

Another new Godzilla vs. Kong TV spot has been released, showing the ape being escorted by choppers.

There are a few movies coming to theaters in March, but none have generated the excitement of the MonsterVerse’s latest installment.

This past week, a 40 second clip was released, teasing Godzilla’s first encounter with Kong in the film.

It’s quite interesting how marketing can create a wave of hype for a project in the blink of an eye. Godzilla vs. Kong is an exciting concept, but for awhile there was little buzz due to a lack of promotion.

Now, Legendary and Warner Bros. are firing on all cylinders.

The first trailer debuted in January and has amassed nearly 66 million views.

Posters have been appearing, from a Chinese one teasing a showdown underwater, to a Korean image revealing the Titans about to collide.

Even if one hasn’t been keeping up with the MonsterVerse, it’s hard not to feel the excitement of two iconic colossal being duking it out on the big screen. Different TV spots for Godzilla vs. Kong have been popping up, including a look at the Titans’ battle in Hong Kong.

Now, those absorbing as much as they can from Godzilla vs. Kong‘s marketing can enjoy a new TV spot.

A chunk of the footage has been seen previously, but there are new shots as well, including one where Kong is being carried in the air by multiple vehicles.

Check out the video below

The scene with the copters carrying Kong might be an homage to a similar one in the original King Kong vs. Godzilla.

In the 1962 film, a few helicopters transport Kong to a waiting Godzilla. Godzilla vs. Kong‘s production designers did say they watched the Godzilla and Kong movies in part to include Easter Eggs, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if this scene is one of them.

Another new shot is Kong falling onto what appears to be the Hollow Earth.

Could those copters be responsible for that? Finally, even more of the Hong Kong battle is featured, showing Kong maneuvering around Godzilla’s atomic breath.

Once again, a TV spot does its job in generating excitement.

Not only is it going to be great to see the Titans collide but also the lore it will introduce.

As one character says, “They have an ancient rivalry.” There’s certainly plenty to look forward to when the movie releases.

The aircraft carrier sequence teased almost everywhere has been confirmed to be 18 minutes long. It’s going to be challenging for any movie this year to match Godzilla vs. Kong‘s action

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