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Son former inmate assaults mother

Son former inmate assaults mother

Yesterday, a disturbing instance of domestic abuse came to light, which disrupted the peace and quiet of the charming town of Sattahip, which is located in the province of Chon Buri and is tucked inside its borders. The victim of an assault, who is now 28 years old and just got out of prison, was a woman in her fifties who was raising her son by herself.

An unfortunate occurrence of assault and verbal abuse was reported to the Na Jomtien police today. The drug-induced aggression of the son, who has been identified as Ratchaphon, led to the tragic incident.

When Ratchaphon started behaving in an aggressive manner, his mother, who is known as Kwanchanok, was on her way to serve lunch to him when she saw him acting out. According to reports, he started belittling his mother while simultaneously wreaking havoc on various belongings located throughout the house.

Kwanchanok told the officers that she thought her son’s long-standing drug addiction was likely to blame for his erratic behavior, and she shared this idea with them. His destructive behavior persisted despite her best efforts to urge him towards rehabilitation, and it eventually reached the point where he physically injured his mother. Despite her best efforts, he did not recover from his addiction.
The confrontation took place in broad daylight, in front of a large number of witnesses, who watched as law enforcement tried to bring the violent son under control. The disturbance had prompted the neighbours to raise the alarm, which resulted in the police officers being dispatched to Kwanchanok’s residence located in the Sattahip neighborhood of Bangkok. The officers eventually succeeded in apprehending Ratchaphon, who was characterized as being extremely uncooperative and violent. They were equipped with instruments to handle riots, which helped them do so.
As a result of the process, Kwanchanok sustained injuries to her left arm from her son. According to The Pattaya News, the local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and suspect that Ratchaphon will be charged with drug usage, assault, and maybe damaging property as a result of their findings. As the inquiry into Ratchaphon’s actions continues, the authorities are also contemplating whether or not it would be beneficial to send him to a rehabilitation facility.
Given that one of the officers who caught Ratchaphon stated that his behavior was particularly harmful and aggressive, it was clear to the officers that Ratchaphon needed the assistance of a qualified expert.

The community of Sattahip is in a state of shock as a result of the occurrence. While the police continue their investigations and the charges against Ratchaphon are being prepared, many people are keeping their fingers crossed that this tragic event may serve as a wake-up call for those who are battling drug addiction in the community. However, for the time being, the focus is on ensuring that justice is served to Kwanchanok and that her son receives rehabilitation in order to stop such occurrences from happening in the future.

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