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New Thai taxi mobile app to launch next month

New Thai taxi mobile app to launch next month

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) says it will launch full scale mobile application for the public to call taxi services next month.

The mobile application “Taxi OK” is developed by the department and it requires all new taxis joining the scheme to be installed with GPS tracking device, taxi trip recording, driver’s identification device, snap-shot security camera and distance metres.

DLT director-general Sanit Phromwong said that by November 9, all new registered taxis were required to join the Taxi OK scheme for passenger’s safety and behavioural control of taxi drivers.

Taxis which passes check of their safety and control devices will be given “Taxi OK” sticker to fix on the front windshield as an alternative service for passengers.

He said all trip information from the devices in the taxi will be sent to Taxi Service Radio Centre of each taxi operators on real time basis.

In addition to this, passengers can also lodge complaint directly and instantly in case of emergency, he said.

The taxi service under the scheme will start at 35 baht for the first kilometre distance.

Taxis under the schememe will have LED “Taxi” sign light roof lamp with “App” sign in red circle and “GPS” sign in yellow circle. Besides, on the front windshield it will display “camera” sign in blue circle to show that the taxi is equipped with security camera.

The department chief said for its “Taxi VIP” scheme, it will have all necessary safety accessories same as Taxi OK but with larger and comfortable cars.

Operators of the service must seek official licence and must provide their business loan, safety plans and organisation chart to the department for consideration, he said.

Source: PBS

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