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Scammers in Pattaya be aware

Scammers in Pattaya be aware

A band of guys masquerading as police officials approached shops, claiming to be performing inspections for illegal products. These stores mostly cater to Myanmar customers.

The victims were pressured into paying sums ranging from 2000 baht to 20,000 baht in exchange for not being detained for allegedly illegally selling merchandise.

Several victims have now reported their ordeals to Pattaya Police Station. One victim, Mongkol Thiangkhaem, 40, said the impersonators approached him and his girlfriend and falsely identified themselves as police officers.

Individuals demanded that the shop pay a fine for marketing products aimed at Myanmar consumers while omitting Thai labels.

Mongkol and his girlfriend paid 20,000 Baht to terminate the confrontation because they were afraid of legal repercussions and didn’t want to cause any trouble.

Arisa Hanchengchai, another victim, stated that the same gang, posing as police agents, threatened to pursue charges against her for selling Myanmar items and wanted cash in exchange for leniency.

While she and her classmates were initially skeptical of the validity of these claims, they agreed to pay the initial fee.
The group then attempted to extort monthly payments from Orisa.

In light of these developments, she lodged a complaint with the Pattaya Police Station and included CCTV footage of the scammers’ activities.

The Pattaya Police Station is currently investigating the case, despite their refusal to be part in the scam and the persons involved are not actual cops.


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