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Sarah Payne’s Murderer Roy Whiting ‘Stabbed Repeatedly’ In Prison

Sarah Payne's Murderer Roy Whiting 'Stabbed Repeatedly' In Prison

Sarah Payne’s Murderer Roy Whiting: Roy Whiting, the man who murdered eight-year-old Sarah Payne in 2000 has reportedly been left ‘drenched in blood’ following an attack in the prison in which he is serving his sentence.

The 59-year-old is serving a life sentence for murdering the young girl after kidnapping her in Kingston Gorse, West Sussex.

He is believed to have been assaulted by two other convicted murderers with makeshift knives in his cell. It is thought that he was stabbed several times before the officers at Wakefield Prison, Yorkshire, could intervene.

Roy Whiting, shortly before his arrest for Sarah Payne’s murder. Credit: PA

He was then taken to a hospital in nearby Leeds and was at one stage fighting for his life. He received treatment for his extensive blood loss but was saved by the quick response of prison and NHS staff members.

He is now believed to be in a ‘stable’ condition, according to sources.

The source told The Sun: “If Whiting had been stabbed in the street he might have died.

“Because he was in prison, every alarm was raised, and he was rushed to hospital within minutes. It’s testament to the professionalism of the staff involved that he survived.

“He may not deserve it, but he’s a lucky man indeed.”

Sarah Payne. Credit: PA

A spokesperson for the UK Prison Service said: “A prisoner at HMP Wakefield was attacked on Thursday evening and received hospital treatment.

“The prisoner is back in prison in a stable condition and the incident is being investigated by police.”

This is not the first time that Whiting has been attacked whilst he has been inside. In fact, he has been stabbed in the eye with a sharpened toilet brush handle, hit with a flask, and slashed with another makeshift knife on the cheek.

Whiting was found guilty of abducting young Sarah Payne back in 2001. He was initially quizzed by police after her disappearance the following day before he was re-arrested and charged later on.

Sarah Payne’s mother and father, Sara and Michael Payne. Credit: PA

He didn’t admit to his crime but was found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of 50 years in December 2001. In 2010 that was reduced to a minimum of 40 years. He had also been in prison for other paedophilia and abduction offences before he killed Payne.

In the years since Sarah was killed, her mother Sara has campaigned for protection for youngsters from paedophiles. That led to the introduction of Sarah’s law, a law that gives parents the opportunity to find out if there are sex offenders in their area.

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