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Russian Woman who fell through 7/11 roof identified

Russian Woman who fell through 7/11 roof identified

At 3:00am on July 9th, Pattaya police received reports that a Russian women had fallen through a 7/11 ceiling and was badly injured.

After arriving at the scene, police found the body of the victim, who has now been identified as  MISS.ZHANNA  GRINBERG, aged 37 years old.

It appeared that she had fallen 4 floors before crashing through the ceiling, right next to a 19 year old store clerk who was in the back room sorting through stock.

Amazingly, the victim was still alive, but had suffered some serious injuries and was in a critical condition. After receiving emergency treatment at the scene, she was rushed off to the nearest hospital for further treatment and checks.

The incident occurred at the 7/11 in Pattaya Park, Moo 10, and police were told by the husband and son, who were waiting at the side of the victim when the police arrived, that they were in fact staying above the 7/11 store.

At the moment, police are questioning the husband and child regarding the incident, but are still unsure as to whether the victim was pushed, fell by accident, or jumped.

They will also be following up the investigation by interviewing the victim herself, seperately, once she has made a full recovery, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery.


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