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Runaway bull breaks into market place and terrifies shoppers

This is the moment a runaway bull breaks into a marketplace and terrifies traders and customers.

The incident took place during the ‘Tlatenconada’ festival in the Tlahuac area of Mexican capital Mexico City.

According to local media, the stocky animal was taking part in a running of the bulls event when it broke free and ran off in a different direction.

It entered the San Francisco Market, shocking workers and shoppers.

In video footage filmed from inside a kiosk, the bull is seen wandering between the market stalls while workers pull down the shutters in an attempt to protect themselves.

According to local media, some traders said that the bull caused damage to their stalls.

Local authorities claimed that they did not issue permission for the running of the bulls to take place.

Two people reportedly suffered minor injuries during the animal’s rampage.

Authorities claimed that their medical attention was provided by the event’s organisers.

It is unclear whether they will take legal action against the event’s planners.

Local media said that the bull was guided away from the marketplace and put on a van where it was taken back to the ranch where it lives.

Netizen ‘Jorge Ponce Sanchez’ commented: “Poor bull, trying to hide from the hordes of animals!”

‘Carlos Rivera Valle’ said: “What is strange about a bull doing that? It is its nature.”

‘Geronimo Pardo’ write: “I bet they killed the bull later on for daring to be free.”

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