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Residents Outrage at Stinking rubbish tip right next to City Hall

Residents make complaints regarding huge rubbish build up just yards from City Hall

Residents have demanded some action after becoming fed up with a stinking rubbish pile up in North Pattaya. Amazingly, the small Soi is situated right next to City Hall.

As you can see by the pictures there is an incredible amount of rubbish which has been dumped and left to rot, causing a pretty horrendous smell in the area. Waste paper, food, toilet excrement and even rotten old furniture can be found in the 300m stretch of the small Soi.

A local resident Sawart Duangmalai, 57, said that the problem has been around for as long as he can remember. He said that every now and again, the place gets cleaned up by the authorities, but it only encourages people to start dumping their rubbish again. He refers to the area as the “graveyard of rubbish”

Not only does it give the area a bad reputation, it also carries some serious health risks for tourists, families and children who live and play in the area. It’s not worth thinking about what diseases could be lurking in and around the rubbish pile.


Mr. Duangmalai finished by saying that he didn’t know who was resposible for dumping the rubbish in the first place. In fact, he doesn’t care who it was, but he and the other locals  in the area have had enough and are demanding that something get’s done to clean the place up and maintain it.

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