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British Man faces death the penalty for selling cocaine and ecstasy

british man pattaya one march 17 2024

Photo credit goes to the Viral Press

A British citizen living in Thailand on a student visa is facing the death penalty after being apprehended under suspicion of trafficking cocaine and ecstasy. As per Viral Media Press Production, Charly Garcia, a 48-year-old from London, allegedly used the messaging app Telegram to sell drugs. The arrest occurred in Chiang Mai following a tip-off to the police.

According to reports, an undercover officer arranged to meet Garcia at a marijuana shop on March 12 to purchase cocaine, ketamine, magic mushrooms, LSD, and ecstasy worth around 110,00 Baht. Thai authorities then apprehended Garcia after the exchange, revealing substantial amounts of various drugs in his residence at the Mountain View Condominium.

Garcia reportedly confessed to selling drugs, claiming he had bought them from another tourist for around 798,487 baht. He is said to have further disclosed that he paid nearly 50 pence per gram for magic mushrooms. Authorities suspect that his student visa was merely a cover for his drug trade activities as he allegedly did not fulfill the requirements of studying the language.

Following the arrest, Thai police charged Garcia with drug possession with the intent to distribute. Under Thai law, drug dealers face harsh penalties such as life imprisonment or execution. This incident is part of a recent series of arrests involving British tourists involved in drug-related activities in Thailand, raising concerns about foreigners violating local laws in the country.

In recent weeks, two other British nationals have been detained for drug-related offenses, further emphasizing the strict enforcement of drug laws in Thailand. The individuals involved, including Andrew Brett and Peter Hull, could potentially face severe sentences or deportation. The crackdown on drug-related crimes is accompanied by a broader effort to address misbehavior by foreigners within Thailand.

In response to the surge in drug-related arrests, authorities have issued warnings about the sale and consumption of ‘death stamps,’ which are blotting papers infused with LSD. These substances raise serious concerns about public health and have prompted authorities to issue advisories regarding their dangers.


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