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Record number of migrants found in trailer at US border

Migrants concealed in trucks bound for the US

More than 340 people, including 103 unaccompanied youngsters, have been discovered by Mexican authorities in an abandoned truck trailer in the state of Veracruz.

The migrant workers were from Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. One of the most significant recent findings about migrant children passing through Mexico.

According to officials, everyone appeared unharmed and the trailer had fans and ventilation outlets. Unknown is the whereabouts of the driver.

Many undocumented migrants who are trying to escape the misery and violence of Central America wind up paying large sums of money to people smugglers to get them across the border into the US.

53 migrants were discovered dead in a truck trailer last year in the US state of Texas. The National Migration Institute (INM) of Mexico reported that 343 individuals were discovered inside the car on Sunday night.

These were discovered along a popular migration route to the US border.

According to officials, the migrants wore colored bracelets to distinguish them as clients of people smugglers.

In a photograph released by INM, the trailer’s floor was covered in plastic bottles and trash.

Mexican social services will look after the migrants while their legal status is being decided.

According to border patrol data that CBS News obtained in October, at least 853 migrants perished in the past 12 months while attempting to cross the US-Mexico border illegally.

As a result, the fiscal year of 2022 surpassed the previous record of 546 migrant deaths in 2021 to become the deadliest year for migrants ever documented by the US government.

In the same time frame, the US Border Patrol detained a record 2.2 million migrants along the southwest border.

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