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Russian arrested with counterfeit euro

Russian arrested with counterfeit euro

Immigration police arrested a Russian national for using a Thai individual to exchange 280,000 baht worth of counterfeit euros in Pattaya.

On July 8, Chonburi Immigration officers apprehended Mr. Khasanov, a 29-year-old Russian, in a hotel room in Soi Phra Tamnak 6, South Pattaya, Moo 10, Nongprue Subdistrict, Banglamung District, Chonburi Province. They confiscated 140 counterfeit 50-euro banknotes, totaling 7,000 euros, or nearly 280,000 Thai baht.

The arrest followed a tip-off from a currency exchange booth about a foreigner deceiving a Thai person into exchanging 50 euros, worth 20,000 baht. The exchange was successful, and the money was with the foreigner.

Police Colonel Naphatphong Khositsuriyanon, Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration, revealed that Mr. Khasanov arrived in Thailand on May 29 and was scheduled to leave on July 9. He claimed the counterfeit notes belonged to a friend in Turkey, where they were produced. The producer allegedly had previously successfully exchanged fake euros in Thailand worth over 400,000 baht. Khasanov said he had asked his Turkish friend to bring 7,000 euros in fake notes to use in Thailand, intending to share the proceeds if successful. He had previously failed to exchange the money at a bank in a department store before tricking a Thai person into exchanging it.

Tom, a 41-year-old Thai who was deceived, said the Russian asked him to exchange the money to pay for his hotel bill of several thousand baht. Tom was unaware the notes were counterfeit.

“When I exchanged the money, I got about 20,000 baht. I gave it to the Russian. Then the exchange booth staff questioned me. I came to prove my innocence to the police that I wasn’t involved. I want to warn others to be cautious of foreigners behaving like this,” Tom said.

Police have charged the suspect under Section 240 of the Criminal Code, which states: ‘Whoever counterfeits money, whether it be coins, banknotes, or any other item issued or authorized to be issued by the government, or counterfeits government bonds or interest coupons for such bonds,’ and Section 241, which states: ‘Whoever possesses for distribution anything which they know to be counterfeit.’

Additionally, officials discovered that the foreigner had overstayed his permitted duration in Thailand beyond the date allowed on his visa sticker and entry stamp. He has been handed over to investigating officers for legal proceedings.

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