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Public urged to follow simple rules for royal cremation

Public urged to follow simple rules for royal cremation

A simple set of rules have been released for all those looking to attend the royal cremation of the Late King of Thailand on October 26th.

The Administration Center for the Royal Cremation of the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej announced some official rules to follow for those that plan to attend the royal cremation ceremonies at Sanam Luang between today and Sunday.

They announced that ceremony-goers should not:

  1. carry metal or weapons into the ceremonial area, which would seem pretty obvious to most of us
  2. wear jeans, tight clothes, sleeveless shirts, or spaghetti straps. Basically, formal attire is highly recommended
  3. chant “Long Live the King”. A phrase which is common in Thailand, although under the circumstances, highly inappropriate.
  4. take photos with DSLR cameras, use tripods or take selfies. there will be tight security on all photgraphy equipment on the day.
  5. use colorful umbrellas, fans, hats or sunglasses. It is strongly advised that you wear black, but if not, then dull neutral tones are ok.
  6. leave the designated spectator areas or block the Royal Processions. There will be specific areas where spectators are permitted to be at all times during the ceremony.

They have also asked attendees to remain as calm as possible and to not tease or incite others around them. The ceremonies are expected to draw more than 200,000 to Sanam Luang over the next few days, as people say a final farewell to their late king.

Source: Coconuts

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