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Public Health Minister has signed for a proposed legislation regarding cannabis

Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew has signed proposed legislation regarding cannabis, stating that it can only be used for medical purposes and not for recreational use. The new law aims to encourage the use of cannabis for various health benefits. Measures will be put in place to control and prevent the recreational use of cannabis, either through ministerial regulations or a panel decision. The bill will be submitted to the Lower House for consideration if approved by the cabinet.

The current rule by the Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Department, which classifies cannabis as a controlled herb, may need revision to align with the new law. The requirement for a medical certificate to purchase cannabis has not been included in the bill yet and will depend on the enforcement of organic laws. It is emphasized that the use of cannabis at home for medical purposes must be based on proper medical procedures and research.

Regarding cannabis stores, currently registered stores will not have their licenses revoked. However, once the new law is in effect, these stores will only be allowed to sell parts of the cannabis plant that are legal in Thailand. Products containing more than 0.2% THC by weight will be considered illegal under the Narcotics Code. The law, once passed, will aid in capturing individuals who misuse cannabis for recreational purposes.

In an unrelated event, a drug seizure involving cannabis worth over €1.1 million (41.7 million baht) was reported in parts of Ireland. Some of the drugs, with an estimated value of €285,000 (10.8 million baht), were found in parcels sent from Thailand to various locations in Dublin. The largest seizure, worth approximately €500,000 (18.9 million baht), was made in Clane, Co Kildare, resulting in the arrest of a woman in her late 30s. Additionally, batches of cannabis were sent from France and Spain, intended for addresses in Dublin and Galway.

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