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Police Inspect Pubs During Songkran

Police Inspect Pubs During Songkran

Pattaya police, along with various law enforcement agencies, collaborated on April 11th for a joint inspection of entertainment venues. Their goal was to combat illicit activities and ensure the safety of tourists during the Songkran festival. Spearheaded by Pol. Col. Nawin Thirawith, Superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, the operation enlisted over 80 officers from different units. Their first stop was Ying Club, located on Pattaya Third Road, where they encountered a sizable crowd of Thai and Chinese tourists.

Upon arrival, officers promptly halted the music, illuminated the venue, and segregated patrons by gender. They proceeded to scrutinize IDs and conduct drug tests on both customers and staff, but no illegal activities were detected. The inspection then moved to a bar in Soi Koh Pai, South Pattaya, where, finding no customers, officers focused on examining the staff and premises. Once again, no illicit activities were uncovered.

Pol. Col. Nawin emphasized that the operation targeted the suppression of illegal drugs, weapons, and prostitution within Pattaya’s entertainment establishments, particularly during Songkran. He urged all operators to adhere strictly to the law.

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