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Police checkpoints cracking down on illegal guides going to Pattaya

A joint operation of tourist and highway police is setting up daily roadblocks to crack down on illegal guides working in Pattaya.

Several tour buses were stopped en route to the resort yesterday and two arrests were made, initial reports suggest.

The first was a Chinese national called Liu Liang, 30. A list of names of Chinese tourists on his bus as well as vouchers and receipts were taken into evidence.

On another bus a Thai man Thana Suksai, 46, was arrested. He was found to be in possession of a guide’s documentation but it was not for the Pattaya area. He was only allowed to operate in Bangkok and its surrounding area.

Korn Somkhane of the Highway Police said that the checkpoints were also a good opportunity to check on driving habits ahead of the Songkran holidays next month.

He said he was acting on orders from national police HQ and added that they would be out daily but moving the checkpoints around.

Source: 77Jowo

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