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Visitors to Thailand need to download health tracking app before arrival

As hopes of mid-2021 getaways inch closer to becoming reality amid mass vaccinations and preparations to ease lockdowns in many countries, Thailand is now asking travellers to download their pandemic health tracking app before arriving.

Alongside a negative coronavirus test and time spent in quarantine, Thai officials are now also requiring tourists to pre-register their visit using a special Covid-19 tracker app called Thailand Plus, available on both Android and iOS.

You can register your arrival in the app using your Certificate of Entry, a special permit you’ll need to apply for on the website of the Thai embassy or consulate nearest you.

QR codes on the app can may also be needed to gain access certain locations, such as department stores and shops, according to the app.

The app uses your phone’s Bluetooth and GPS to allow Thailand’s authorities to track your whereabouts and alert you if have been exposed to others infected with the coronavirus.

While this means your travels in Thailand are being tracked by officials, the app’s developers say your location information can only be seen by the Department of Disease Control and Health Ministry.

Entry into Thailand is currently possible for many travellers during the pandemic, albeit under strict testing and quarantine regulations.

Bookings for Thailand recently soared in Britain following news that folks in the country could return to normal life in the coming months.

Leaders in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to follow suit and relax lockdown measures.

Travel website Skyscanner meanwhile saw a 55% rise in

visitors with flight bookings increasing by 69% compared

to the day before the announcement, with Thailand among

the most booked destinations. – dpa

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