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Police helps Frenchman in distress with self harm

On December 28, at 4:30 p.m., Sattahip police officers responded to a report of a French man exhibiting odd behavior at his residence in Village No. 9, Bang Saray Subdistrict, Sattahip District. The officers swiftly joined forces with Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials and the Sawangrojanathammasathan Foundation Rescue Unit.

The 51-year-old French national, identified as Mr. Stephane, was observed walking around with a sharp knife, tightly held against his own chest. He demanded that the police leave the premises immediately, creating a tense situation.

For nearly two hours, officers engaged in negotiations with Mr. Stephane, patiently trying to calm him down. It was only when he regained consciousness and his emotions became more regulated that communication became possible. At this point, his wife and son were allowed to join the conversation in an attempt to further stabilize the situation. Eventually, the officers withdrew from the scene.

According to Mr. Stephane’s wife, her husband had been experiencing significant stress due to financial difficulties. He had requested that she expedite the process of mortgaging their house in order to access necessary funds. However, the bank’s approval process, which typically takes 3-4 months, was causing him distress. It is worth noting that prior to this incident, his wife had witnessed him using marijuana and observed his peculiar request to fetch items for the house.

Alarmed by her husband’s self-harming behavior, Mr. Stephane’s wife promptly sought assistance from the authorities to ensure his safety.


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