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Phuket authorities inspect a ship converted into an entertainment venue.

As more tourists arrive in Phuket, several businesses have begun converting ships into entertainment venues in the hopes of enticing customers by providing a unique ambiance. But, officials have yet to sanction the establishment of these sites because legal and safety checks are required first.

Capt Krit Khlueapmat, Deputy Director of the Phuket Maritime Enforcement Command Center, oversaw an examination of the Yona Beach Club Phuket, a yacht converted into a floating entertainment venue.

The committee examined the vessel’s registration, structural integrity, safety measures, waste disposal system, potential water pollution issues, and lowered anchor position. The goal of the anchor assessment is to verify that the anchor line will not block maritime traffic or harm coral reefs.

The provincial excise agency will also inspect the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, according to officials. Meanwhile, the provincial Labor Protection and Welfare office would be in charge of concerns concerning the crew on board the vessel.

Capt Krit believes the location is ready for the opening, but approval will be granted only after all legal requirements of relevant agencies have been met.

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