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Fruit seller almost dies as container falls off onto truck

Fruit seller

A fruit seller almost lost her life as a container fell off the trailer onto a truck by the road where the fruit seller is at most of the time. Police Major Pallop Inthachet from the Uthai District in Ayutthaya Province received notification on 28 July 2020 at 13.30 about a container falling onto a truck parked by the road.

The truck was parked on Asia Road. Officials notified the local rescue team and headed to inspect the incident location right away to help manage traffic for other drivers on the road.

When officials arrived they found a 6 wheeler with a crane mounted on the truck. Not far was an orange container customized into an office room.

The container was blocking the road after crashing into a black Ford truck. The truck was damaged, broken glass scattered the road from the fruit cabinet made from glass. The fruit was everywhere on the road and the accident heavily affected the traffic in the area.

A few meters away from the truck and the container were marks left behind on the road as a result of the accident.

Prani 28 years old, a fruit seller was standing by her truck with shock still on her face. The seller stated that while she was sitting in her truck selling some fruit there was suddenly a loud bang.

At first, Prani thought there was an accident, she turned to look on the side and saw the container trailer coming towards her. The container was slowly tilting and Prani knew it was going to fall on her.

The woman trusted her instincts and quickly jumped down from her truck, missing the container that crashed into her car by seconds. She then ran across the road while the container continued to slide across the road.

Wattanawut 43 years old the container trailer driver stated that he was driving the container from Bangkok and was heading to Bang Pahan District in Ayutthaya Province.

He became lost and so he had to make a U-turn, this is when the container swayed and fell off the truck. Wattanawut admits that the container was simply placed on the trailer with no locks as the belt was too short. While officials were inspecting the accident to collect evidence, a relative of the fruit seller arrived and walked towards the truck driver.

The relative expressed emotions stating that the driver’s carelessness had caused the container to fall and caused the accident. If someone was injured or lost their lives to the incident then how would the driver take responsibility. Officials came between the 2 to stop the feud from getting hotter.

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